7 Signs That You May Have Myomas And Tips To Help Them Shrink Naturally!

Rectal Pressure

The back of the rectum can be one of the places where myomas grow. They’ll make you feel like you want to pass and you’ll feel very uncomfortable. This will result in the appearance of hemorrhoids.

Bladder Issues

There are also myomas positioned on the outer wall of the uterus. They press against the bladder with great pressure which will make you visit the toilet more often. If you do this more at night, you’d better visit your doctor.

Swelling of The Lower Abdomen

If the myoma is very large, the woman who has it might look like she’s pregnant. Also, there are numerous women who don’t feel pain so they don’t visit their doctor.

Lower Back Pain

If the myomas is on the outer back wall of the uterus, it will cause great pain because it will press the spinal nerves. The pain will be even more excruciating after and before a menstrual period.

Heavy and Prolonged Menstruation

It’s considered to be among the most common signs for a myoma. Heavy bleeding is leading to anemia and the appearance of blood clots definitely means that you need to visit a gynecologist. If you have pain and cramps in the lower abdomen as well as the back of your legs, you should also visit a specialist.

Painful Sexual Intercourse

The location as well as the size of the myoma can make your sexual intercourse uncomfortable and painful. Some positions will be more painful than others.

Frequent Miscarriages or Infertility

Infertility can appear because of numerous reasons and this is one of them. An ultrasound scan will help you discover if you have one.

How To Prevent And Shrink Myomas?

Manage Your Stress

One of the most dangerous things for our body is the presence of stress. All of the important nutrients will be eliminated, there will be hormonal imbalance and your adrenal glands will be weakened.

Eat Beans and Legumes

Avocados, beans, chia seeds, legumes, quinoa and eggs are all full of protein. Try to use at least a small portion of these foods with every meal you have. You’ll be protected of cervical and breast cancer and the size of the myoma will shrink!


Eating properly and exercising regularly will decrease the myomas and regulate your ovulation.

Vegetables and Fruits

Make sure the products you’re buying are organic. You should also drink a lot of green juice.

Helpful Herbs

Black cohosh, nettle tea, Dong quai, chasteberry tincture, dandelion root, pau d’arco and turmeric are especially useful against fibroids.

Liver Support Foods

Strengthen your liver with these foods: milk thistle, dandelion, beetroot and grapefruit.


You need to avoid sodas, coffee and alcohol! They’ll dehydrate you and are a true diuretic.

Helpful supplements

Start using more L-arginine, spirulina, L-lysine, vitamin C, chlorella, omega-3 and zinc as they can really help you decrease the myomas.

Article and image source: https://readanddigest.com