A Scientific Study Proves That Exercise Isn’t As important As Drinking Wine When It Comes To Living Past 90 Years Of Age!

Living a healthy and long life is really priceless. Everyone would like to see their grandchildren some day. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the luck to experience it.

Wine Can Help You Live Longer?

Time has made scientists experiment a lot and there have been many different medical breakthroughs. There are many new cures which can help people live healthier and longer.

But, one special study which researched people over 90 years of age discovered something especially interesting. The results were astonishing!

This study decided to:

  • Determine which are the actors for their longevity
  • Which were the rates of cognitive and functional decline
  • Are there any modifiable risk factors as well as mortality connected to dementia
  • Examine any known clinical pathological correlations
  • Discover the epidemiology of dementia in older patients.

The participants were visited twice a year. The researchers performed various neurophysiological and neurological tests on them.

Drink From The Glass Or The Bottle?

Wine is something we all like to drink. It can be extremely helpful to drink it often, but you have to do it moderately. Drinking 1 bottle of wine with your dinner, for example, isn’t a really good idea.

According to researches performed at the Mayo Clinic, people younger than 65 should drink 2 beverages and the ones older than 65 should drink only 1 beverage. Here are the measures for the standard drinks: 12 fluid ounces of beer, 5 fluid ounces of wine and 1.5 fluid ounces of any distilled spirit.

Here Are Some Of The Best Benefits That The Moderate Consumption Of Alcohol Will Give You:

  • Decreases risk of heart diseases
  • Decreases risk of diabetes
  • Decreases risk of ischemic stroke

There was another study which examined the negative effects of drinking as well as the bond between physical activity. Dr. Emmanuel Stamatakis was the senior author of this study. His information was gathered from England and Scotland. He divided 36, 370 participants in 3 different groups.

One of them were people who weren’t active. The other were people who exercise moderately and the last one included people who were engaged in regular exercise. They were also questioned about their intake of alcohol.

The study was performed for 10 years. 5,735 of the participants died. The results showed that numerous health problems were connected with an increased risk of death because of excessive drinking. It was also discovered that the risk of death from any type of cancer increased in people who drank more than the average amount of beverages in 1 week.

People who exercised regularly had a decreased risk of death caused by cancer due to the consumption of alcohol!

Article and image source: http://globalhealthcorner.com