Amazing health benefits of quail eggs that you probably did not know!

Quail eggs are considered a delicacy in Asian countries. They are usually consumed raw or cooked in Japan, while in Brazil and South American they are used boiled as hot-dog and hamburger toppings. Although they are not as commonly consumed as chicken eggs, they have twice or thrice the amount of nutrients. Quail eggs have 13% more protein and a whole lot more of zinc, iron, vitamin E and B2 than chicken eggs, which makes them superior.

Due to the wide range of beneficial nutrients, quail eggs offer the following health benefits:

Help Your Muscles Grow 

Want to make your muscles grow faster? All you need are some quail eggs. They are rich in protein which will help your muscles grow and heal and improve your athletic performance.

Reinforce Your Immune System

Quail eggs are rich in lysine and similar amino acids that can boost your immune system and promote the production of antibodies which will result in much better immune response.

Improve Body Development And Growth

Protein is the body’s main building block that is important for our growth, especially in children. The rich amount of protein in quail eggs makes them perfect for bodybuilders and children. Additionally, the protein will also keep your skin flexible and tight, preventing saggy skin and wrinkles.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

As we mentioned, quail eggs are perfect for your skin. Consuming them often will make your skin tighter and more elastic, resulting in better skin health.

Keep Your Metabolism Active

The rich amount of nutrients such as vitamin B complex in quail eggs will keep your metabolism active. Both vitamin B6 and B12 are important for the activity of a variety of metabolic enzymes and are vital for proper energy production.

Prevent Diabetes

According to one study, quail eggs are full of leucine, an amino acid that can regulate your blood sugar levels and treat and prevent diabetes.

Prevent Anemia

As an excellent dietary source of iron, quail eggs can significantly reduce the risk of anemia. Doctors suggest eating a few quail eggs every day if you’re anemic in order to help the body fight the disease.

Promote Brain Function

The protein and amino acids found in quail eggs can stimulate your brain function and make it work better. The eggs will also protect your brain from damage and repair them if they’re broken.

Clean Your Blood

According to studies, quail eggs have the ability to purify the blood of various chemicals and toxins, especially mercury and other heavy metals. The amino acids in the eggs can bind to the toxins and make them easier to flush away.

Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

The variety of vitamins and minerals in quail eggs can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 24% due to the presence of tocopherol (vitamin E).

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