Doctors Are Now Warning Anyone Over 40 To Stop Taking Ibuprofen Immediately. Here’s Why…

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One of the most common anti-inflammatory drugs people use these days is ibuprofen. It is non-steroidal and relieves pain. This kind of medicines is also called NSAIDs.

People mostly use it against menstrual pain, pain after surgery, migraines, dental pain, sprains, strains, arthritis, etc. It decreases pain and inflammation.

Doctors recommend this kind of painkillers against any kind of pain: headaches, back pain, toothaches, and other.

But, ibuprofen can cause really dangerous side-effects like severe bleeding and stomach ulceration. In time, it can also become toxic for the heart muscle. If you take it regularly, it can also cause death.

Taking too many NSAIDs was proven to be able to increase the possibility of stroke and heart attack by the U.S. and Drug Administration in 2005.

These Are Some Of The Warnings:

  • The risks of heart attack and stroke can be even increased after a short-term use. The risk might appear several weeks after you’ve started using the drug.
  • Higher doses of NSAIDs which are consumed for longer periods of time increase the risk.
  • People with heart disease have the highest risk.

Use Turmeric As A Safer And More Natural Way For Pain Relieving!

This spice that we all use nowadays is abundant in health benefits. It originates from southern Asia. The best benefit it possesses is that it relieves pain more effectively than any pharmaceutical pain reliever.

According to a study from 2008, the active ingredient curcumin has been proven to be able to decrease inflammation in a more affordable and certainly safer way.

Another study proved that this spice treats osteoarthritis.

There were 109 patients with osteoarthritis included in the study. Some of the people took 800 mg of ibuprofen and the others took 2,000 mg of turmeric.

The level of their pain was tested after a certain period of time with the help of walking, climbing stairs and bicycling.

In a period of 6 weeks, the participants who consumed turmeric showed better results than the ones who consumed ibuprofen.

This Is Our Recipe For A Safer Alternative to Ibuprofen:

Combine 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder, 1 cup of organic honey and the juice of 1 lemon. Use a wooden spoon to combine the ingredients well. 1 teaspoon of this mixture should be added into a cup of warm water or tea.

The remedy should be taken 3 times a day. You’ll be amazed by the results very soon!

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