Here’s What Oncologists Won’t Tell You About Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used throughout history for different purposes. Besides the pleasant aroma, they’ve been used against a variety of health and beauty problems and even science has backed their benefits. However, no one knew that essential oils have anticancer properties up until recently, when a study showed that some essential oils can indeed help in the treatment of this deadly disease.

Our bodies resonate at a frequency of 60-78 MHz and many scientists believe that any disruption in this frequency can trigger various ailments. Scientists believe diseases start developing when the frequency drops to 58 MHz. Previous studies have shown that negative emotions can decrease our resonance by 12 MHz, while positive emotions raise it by 10. This means that there many more factors affecting our health than we previous thought.

The study we mentioned at the beginning showed that essential oils can change the frequency we vibrate at. According to M. Suhail, one of the leading scientists of the study, cancer grows in our body when the DNA in our cell’s nucleus is corrupted, allowing the cancer cells to develop. However, some essential oils can repair the broken “code” in our DNA, lowering the risk of numerous types of cancer.

The Benefits Of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

In his recent Book “The Body Electric”, author R. O. Becker says that the frequency our body resonates at can say a great deal about our health. The great Nikola Tesla once said that eliminating external frequencies can help us fight various diseases and conditions, while Dr. Otto Warburg, a German pioneer in the field of cancer, discovered that our cells have a unique voltage that can be brought down due to cancer and other diseases.

The recent study, however, showed that high quality therapeutic grade essential oils can correct the electrical voltage in our cells, resulting in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. For example, frankincense oil resonates at 147 MHz, while juniper oil resonates at 98 MHz. Peppermint has a MHz of 78, lavender resonates at 118 MHz, angelica oil resonates at 85 MHz and sandalwood oil has a frequency of 96 MHz.

The Healing Properties Of Essential Oils

The study examined the effects of several essential oils including cinnamon, jasmine, thyme and chamomile oils, which had the best results against cancer cells. Thyme worked best, destroying 97% of the corrupted cells, while chamomile managed to destroy 93%. According to the scientists, chamomile oil has incredible antioxidant properties which are the main culprit behind the oil’s healing properties. A total of 11 essential oils were tested against cancer cells, including sage, lavender, sweet fennel and winter savory oils.

In the case of frankincense oil, the study showed that it can divide the nuclei of cancer cells from the cytoplasm, stopping its reproduction. This oil contains compounds called monoterpenes which can destroy cancer cells and is cytotoxic, meaning it doesn’t affect our healthy cells.

Here’s how frankincense oil helped various cancer patients subdue the disease:

Patient With End-Stage Liver Cancer

One of the participants in the study was a middle-aged man with end-stage liver cancer who had only a few months left to live due to an inoperable tumor. The man had no other option than to try treating it naturally, so he decided to try using frankincense oil. He rubbed a bit of it on the area of the liver and consumed a bit of the oil every day. In just a few weeks, the tumor started shrinking. After a few months, the tumor shrank just enough so doctors could operate it. After the successful surgery, the man is now cancer-free

Child With Brain Cancer

Another participant in the study was a 5-year old child with brain cancer. The parents of the child tried every option available to help their daughter, but the tumor refused to stop growing. Finally, they decided to give the child a mixture of sandalwood and frankincense oil, which was rubbed onto the girl’s soles every day. When the girl went for a regular check-up a few months later, the doctors were stunned to find that there were no traces of the cancer in her brain.

Patient With Bladder Cancer

Jackie Hogan is a former bladder cancer patient involved in the study. She was scheduled for bladder removal due to the size of the tumor. However, the woman wanted to try another approach for her cancer, so she rubbed a bit of frankincense and sandalwood on the area every day. After a couple of months, she defeated the cancer without the need for surgery.

Patient With Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Another woman in the study had stage 4 lung cancer spread to other organs. Doctors recommended a combination of chemotherapy and surgery for her case, but she refused and tried going the natural way. She rubbed a bit of frankincense oil on her lungs every day and managed to defeat the disease in 7 months.

Breast Cancer Patient

A woman with advanced breast cancer managed to defeat the disease with the help of lemongrass and frankincense oil, which she applied topically and consumed every day.

Cervical Cancer Patient

One of the patients in the study was a middle-aged woman with cervical cancer who was given 2-3 months left to live. However, after starting the frankincense oil therapy, she defeated the tumor in only a few months.

This is only a fraction of the evidence of patients who managed to defeat the deadly disease with the help of essential oils. Although more research is needed, scientists are pretty optimistic about the results of the study and hope that further research will show that essential oils can be a base for the elusive cancer cure.

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