How To Remove Sixty Percent Of The Calories When Cooking Rice! Must Learn!

Something that many people throughout the world like to cook, especially the people from the Asian region is rice. It can be combined with various foods and it’s really cheap. Even though it is considered to be healthy, rice is connected to diabetes because of all the starch it contains. One cup of rice contains about 200 calories of starch which becomes sugar in our organism and in that way, creates body fat.

But, here, we’re going to present you how to cook rice and decrease its calories!

  • Take some water and pour it in a pot. Let it boil.
  • Take some coconut oil that will comprise about 3% of the rice that you’re going to cook.
  • Add the oil in the water.
  • Then, put the rice in the pot with water and coconut.
  • Cook it well.
  • After the cooking, keep the rice in the fridge. Leave it to cool down for 12 hours.

This kind of rice will contain 60% less calories!

What you need to understand is that not every starch has the same properties. There is digestible starch which can be digested easily. It is also easily converted into glycogen and glucose. If you intake a greater amount of glycogen, it will increase your weight in case you don’t manage to burn it soon. There is also the resistant kind of starch which is digested slowly. It doesn’t transform into glycogen or glucose. Our body can’t digest this type of starch. It’s lower in calories.

According to studies, if you cook rice in the way we presented you, you can change the type of starch. It’s that same as in potatoes: their starch becomes unhealthier when you cook them.

Fried rice is full of more resilient starch than steamed rice. If you manage to decrease the digestible starch, you’ll also decrease the calories it contains.

When you combine coconut oil with rice, it improves the starch since it is a lipid. It changes the starch and the process of refrigeration helps in the process of converting. This complete process improves the rice, decreases its calories and makes it healthier.

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