Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil Are Considered To Be A Good Natural Remedy For Gray Hair

Many people face with hair graying whether it is because of age or some other reason. There are people with gray hair in their 20ies, but there are people whose hair color changes in their 50ies or later.

Your hair will start graying without letting you know. The first thing it depends on is your genetic heredity, but there are also many other factors which can make your hair become gray faster. Some of them are: constant stress, chronic colds, hormones, low melanin, smoking or chemotherapy.

The reason is different in everyone.

Sometimes, it can be hard to discover the real reason behind the hair graying. The best thing you can use are natural remedies. You can use some lemon juice and coconut oil in a combo and your hair will never be gray again!

  • Use 50 ml of organic coconut oil (or in case of longer hair, you can use more) combined with 3 teaspoons of lemon juice.
  • Combine them well and apply the mixture on your hair and scalp. Let it stay on for 1 hour. Eliminate it using some lukewarm water as well as a mild shampoo.
  • This should be repeated up to 2 times a week. Coconut oil is amazing against gray hair. Your hair will also grow faster than ever. You’ll have a healthier scalp because the lemon juice is full of vitamin C and B.

Your scalp and hair will be healthier than ever!

You have to talk to your doctor before you decide to use this natural remedy. It is natural after all. It won’t cause any side-effects!


Article and image source: https://fabbiosa.com