‘Milk Does the Body Good’ Is the Biggest Lie Ever and How Government Helps Big Dairy Sell Milk

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We can get any recommended daily intake of vitamins and proteins from food like vegetables or fruits. Believe it or not, they all contain potassium and calcium just like the dairy products do, but why does the dairy industry try to convince us in the opposite thing? It’s because they’re making and spending billions of dollars to work and earn from it.

Milk is something many people like to consume every day. We drink it individually, add it into treats, tea, coffee etc. But, were you aware that pasteurized milk is extremely toxic to our body? A research conducted by a physician called Dr. Willet claims that milk can be even more dangerous for our body than anything else!

Even though there is this popular belief, there is a study that dairy products might actually increase the risk of fractures by 50%! Some of the countries like Asia and Africa with the lowest rates of consumption of calcium and dairy were also proven to have the lowest rates of osteoporosis.

Still, almost ¾ of the population in the whole world can’t actually digest dairy products including milk, this particular food isn’t really ideal for consumption, but we aren’t even aware of that. There are numerous advertisements which even include celebrities to prove and ensure us that milk is the food we need in order to stay healthy.

So, a recent research by Vox inspired them to prepare a video which shows the true face that dairy industry really has. It makes a great point with the fact that this industry spends billions of dollars just to convince people about the effectiveness of dairy products when they can actually intake all of the necessary protein, potassium, calcium, iron etc. from different vegetables and fruits.

Many of us have been taught that we need milk in order to grow strong, big and healthy, but here are the true facts!

When milk gets inside our body, it creates mucus and makes our body susceptible to ear infections, allergies, anemia, type 1 diabetes, constipation etc. Even some types of cancers can appear. Consuming dairy products often increases the level of our body and the IGF-1 or otherwise known as insulin-like growth factor-1.

You can use numerous dairy alternatives which are creamy and tasty. They’re cheap and easy to prepare. Try different types of milk made from almonds, rice, hemp, cashews, coconut etc. They’re available in most health stores, supermarkets or online. There is also ice cream which is dairy-free like for example Ben & Jerry’s! During the last several years, the market which sells non-dairy milk has increased in value. From 2000 to 2015, the sales of almond milk have increased by 250% and brought about $895 million!

Article and image source: http://healthylifenews.org

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