See What Happens to Your Face If You Wash It with THIS 2-Ingredient Face Wash for 30 Days! (Video)!

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Our skin usually collects bacteria and dirt which make us more susceptible to different health problems. These impurities are dangerous for our pores and can clog them which causes the appearance of different skin problems.

We often need to perform a deep cleansing routine for our skin. Washing our face 2 times a day will make it glowing and healthy.

Still, it mostly depends on the products we’re using for face washing.

The market offers different cleansers and face washes, but they are full of ingredients which are dangerous for our health and people don’t even know they’re inside. They just believe the commercials which claim that these products are 100% effective.

These dangerous chemicals cause different skin irritations. Make sure you read the labels to any product you’re going to buy.

We’re lucky to have Mother Nature as it’s full of various herbs, plants, vegetables and fruits that can be used as very effective treatments and they are also safer and much healthier.

Preparing different homemade face washes will help you have refreshed, hydrate and clean skin since they aren’t full of different dangerous chemicals. Their process of preparation is extremely easy. They are natural, so they won’t cause any side-effects.

They are also very cheap because you may already have the ingredients in your kitchen.

It’s a recipe with only 2 ingredients: baking soda and coconut oil. They are amazing when they’re combined: they will help you remove dirt, bacteria, acne, dust, redness, dead skin cells etc.

You can use them for any skin type, even for sensitive skin.

These Are The Amazing Health Benefits Of These Ingredients:

Coconut Oil

This oil is very nutritious and it’s amazing for our skin. It is full of properties good for skin moisturizing which will balance the level of your skin’s pH, but also help you have clean skin.

Applying the oil topically will help you avoid numerous harmful ingredients contained in the commercial skin care lotions and creams. Coconut oil is the best of all oils as it penetrates your skin deeply. It has a special bond with proteins and a low molecular weight.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is actually among the best a natural cleaning products. It can be used against any commercial face cleanser which is toxic. It also gives you sunburn relief.

It can also help you against acne as it is an amphoteric compound which can help you prevent their formation, but also keep the levels of your skin’s pH optimal.

Your skin will be very soft as baking soda will exfoliate it.

Homemade Face Cleanser (Recipe)


  • ½ a cup of raw, organic coconut oil
  • ½ a cup of baking soda


Warm up the coconut oil. It should become liquid.

Combine both of the ingredients to obtain a homogenous paste.


Put some of this mixture on your face using soft, circular movements.

Let it rest for a while. Remove it with warm water.

This procedure should be repeated 3 times a week. Only then you’ll obtain the optimal benefits.

Take a look at our video for some more tips:

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