These Are The Health Benefits Of The Saba Banana That You Didn’t Know!

Bananas are everyone’s favorite. A recent survey proved that people eat them more than any other fruit. You just grab it when you’re in a hurry and that’s it!

Bananas are also extremely healthy. In this article, we’re going to present you the health benefits of the Saba Bananas or otherwise called cardava bananas that can be found in the Philippines.

Usually, the Filipinos eat them cooked, but according to scientists, you don’t intake a high amount of nutrients then since cooking destroys them.

This kind of banana offers an abundance of health benefits. Some of the most important are:

Your Circulatory System Becomes Regulated

It is full of potassium like the ordinary banana which is a mineral that regulates our circulatory system as it delivers oxygen to our brain, helps us balance the water content in our body and helps our heart beat regularly.

It will also regulate our blood pressure, reduce stroke etc.

An Amazing Source Of Minerals, Natural Energy And Vitamins

In case any activity throughout the day makes you feel very tired and without energy, 2 of these bananas will offer you enough energy, so you won’t have to drink caffeine in the morning.

Prevents Constipation

Bananas are full of fiber. In case of constipation, they won’t cause diarrhea, but only treat your problem.

Eliminates Hangover

A long party night will probably give you a hangover the next morning. Banana is full of vitamins which enrich your body and help you decrease the effect hangovers cause.

You’ll Quit Smoking

In case you can’t stop smoking, a banana is your solution! It is full of different minerals and B vitamins that will help you decrease the effect nicotine has on your body. Vitamin B6, that this banana is full of regulates the body temperature in pregnant women, but also decreases menstrual pain.

Treats Ulcer

Bananas are able to decrease the acidity in your stomach. They will improve your intestinal health, but also decrease the irritation. It creates a protective coating on the inner walls of your stomach. In case of a heartburn, bananas will cam you down as they are a natural antacid.

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