These Chips are Poisonous to Humans. Linked to Hormone Disruption and Kidney Failure

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According to a research, the Frito-Ly corporation based in Texas that has PepsiCo as a parent company has been proved to be selling processed food products which are deadly and are full of “corn” with pesticides, GM as well as glyphosate, otherwise known as Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide connected to various health problems from kidney failure to hormone disruption.

Frito-Lay’s SunChips Tested

The test performed on the SunChips by Frito-Lay showed that it contains 100% of Bt-corn.

This type of corn has the ability to make its own insecticide in every cell of the plant itself. That can’t be removed in any way and it isn’t even real food.

It has been tested on mammals and the results showed that it is connected to liver and kidney problems as well as some abnormal changes in their blood cells. It contains proteins that have been proved to circulate in the blood of women who weren’t pregnant, but also in others who were.

The chips was also full of extremely high levels of glyphosate. This is the main active ingredient in the weed killer produced by Monsanto’s Roundup. With certain methods, it has been proved that these chips contain 0.14 milligrams of glyphosate per kilogram (mg/kg).

This dangerous matter causes immense damage to the kidneys damages the hormone system, destroys the microbiota in our gut as well as our immunity etc.

SunChips Poisonous To Humans

The famous chips are claimed to be a whole grain snack which is very healthy and contains a very small amount of cholesterol and fat. It actually represents a case of criminal false advertising since it is based on deception and insinuation.

The parent company of Frito-Lay, PepsiCo, gave about $13 million to fight the GMO labeling which is mandatory. Both of the companies sell and advertise GMO junk food, especially to children that is actually abundant in herbicide and pesticide residues, which we all know are chemical poisons.

The Froot Loops breakfast cereal by Kellogg’s were also tested and the results were shocking. They are abundant in glyphosate herbicide and GMO. Take a look at it on this page:

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