Types Of Hugs Which Have Explanations! #10 Will Make You Want More!

Hugs are something we all like. They brighten up our day and make us feel amazing.

We feel like we can lean on the person when we’re lonely. Someone will be always there for us. We’ll always have a shoulder to cry on when we’re hurt.

Did you know that hugs hide many expressions? In this article, we’re going to present you 10 different types of hugs and their meanings!

You Hold Each other’s Body While Your Legs Are On Both Sides

It’s the most passionate hug. You show great desire for each other as well as lustfulness.

Your Arms Are Wrapped Round The Waist

It’s a type of hug which points on protection. It means that you’re always safe and sound with this person.

You Put Your Hands Into Each Other’s Pockets

Many people consider this type of hug impolite especially if you do it in a public place, when in fact it signifies closeness and comfortability with your other half.

An Embrace With An Eye-to-eye Contact

You look at your partners eyes while you’re hugging. This means that your connection is deep and strong. This also shows that you don’t want to let go of your partner because you’re in love.

You Hug And You Rub Each Other’s Back

It’s a type of hug common in a relationship between a child and a parent. It offers reassurance in bad as well as good times. Your partner says that everything will be fine and that they’ll never leave your side.

A Hug ‘Shoulder To Shoulder’

It’s not a romantic hug. It just means that a friend is in a strong bond with another friend.

You Hug And You Pat Your Partner’s Back

It’s different from rubbing. This means that you want to congratulate the other person for something.

A Hug Which Isn’t Very Close

If you’re trying to have a distance with someone while you’re hugging them, it isn’t an intimate hug. You’re saying ‘Thank you’, but there’s something awkward about them that you don’t like.

A Very Slow Hug

You’re at a party and you’re dancing. A hug which is followed by some type of music makes you feel alive and connected.

You Don’t Want To Leave, So You’re Hugging Tightly

The couples who do this kind of hug regularly, it means that they have a genuine and real love.

Article and image source: https://readanddigest.com