What Is the Right Position to Sleep for Each of These Health Problems?

It’s really important for our health to sleep well. It is estimated that one human being sleeps about 25 years in the lifetime which equals 7-9 hours a night. Still, it’s also very important to sleep in the proper position so that you could improve the complete wellbeing.

Different aspects of the body are affected by sleeping like: your sinuses, the blood pressure etc. You’ll be able to heal different health conditions if you sleep properly.

Here, we’re presenting you 9 of the best sleeping positions which can help you against different health problems!

Shoulder Pain

In case of this health problem, you have to sleep on the side which isn’t painful and your legs have to be bent a bit. You can also put a pillow between your knees and grasp another one to the chest.

Back Pain

It’s really important how you sleep in case of back pain. You should sleep in the body posture that is the most suitable for you. First, lay on the back. Take a pillow and put it under the knees. Roll a towel and put it under the curve of the back.


The sleeping position can really make the headaches worse. Many people also suffer from twisted neck while they’re sleeping which is the greatest cause for headaches. That’s why you should surround your head with different pillows so that you could prevent turning.

Sinus Trouble

In case you have a sinus infection, it’s very important how you sleep because it can be beneficial as well as detrimental. Try to sleep with your head elevated. In that way, the mucus won’t be able to pool in your sinuses.

High Blood Pressure

You need to know what your general condition of the blood pressure is.

According to some researchers, if you sleep with the face down, you’ll manage to decrease the blood pressure significantly.

PMS Pain

The painful symptoms related to PMS can be prevented with the help of a good sleeping position. Put a pillow under your knees so that your spine isn’t arched.

Neck Pain

Some good neck support will really help you. Roll up a towel and put it under your neck. Another thing you can try is putting it under the pillowcase.

Digestion Trouble

In order to improve your digestion, you need to sleep on the left since your stomach is on that side. Gravity does its best and your digestive process becomes improved.


This is a health condition that can be really disturbing. Sleeping on the left side can also help you against this.

In case of any concern or question, visit your doctor and discuss it.

These are only some tips that can help you improve your health by treating different health problems. So, why won’t you try some of them today?

Article and image source: http://organicplanner.com