You Can Fight And Cure Arthritis With These Natural Herbs And Oils

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Arthritis is an inflammatory condition of the ankles which manifests through pain and stiffness in the joints. It can be quite unpleasant and comes in over 200 forms, which can affect people of all ages. Although generally related to middle-aged and older people as it most often occurs after the age of 50, arthritis can affect people of all ages.

Main Causes Of Arthritis

The bad news is that arthritis can be caused by a variety of factors – it can be usual wear and tear, old age, immune system dysfunction, infections, injuries or even Lyme disease.


Doctors usually recommend either drugs or surgery for the most severe cases. However, due to the side-effects of drugs and the invasive nature of surgery and the long recover period after, you should try treating arthritis naturally first. The good news is that there are many remedies that can help and we have the best few listed below.

Natural Arthritis Remedies


For years, ginger has been used to treat everything from digestive problems to inflammatory conditions. It has incredible anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce inflammation and swelling in the joints and can be easily added to your diet. All you need to do is drink ginger tea every day or simply add it to your meals. Experts recommend at least a cup or two of ginger tea per day in order to prevent arthritis.


Turmeric is another anti-inflammatory remedy and a spice you can use in your meals just like ginger. In fact, turmeric is considered a nearly “miracle” drug for a variety of ailments including arthritis. The spice and its active ingredient curcumin have been subject of over 7000 studies. Turmeric can reduce inflammation and swelling in the joints, boost your immune system and treat a variety of other diseases and conditions as well. You can either add some turmeric powder to your meals or take it in the form of supplement.

Green Tea

Surprisingly, green tea makes the list of natural remedies for arthritis. For years, alternative medicine practitioners have been recommending the tea as a remedy for a variety of ailments including cancer. Green tea is full of rare antioxidants and other compounds that can promote weight loss and improve your brain function and overall health. Green tea can also slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease while also reducing inflammation all throughout your body, resulting in lower risk of arthritis.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a traditional remedy for skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema and it can also help heal sunburns. It’s commonly used in alternative medicine and can be used topically. Just massage some of the gel on the painful joints and you’ll feel much better soon.


The Boswellia tree is native to India and is highly praised for its oil. The oil is derived from the leaves and bark and has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. When applied on the painful joints, the oil blocks the production of leukotriene, compounds that attack our joints and cause arthritis. You can either use Boswellia topically or get it in the form of capsules or tea.

Although there’s no cure for arthritis yet, it can be managed. Diagnosis of the condition is often depressing for the patient as arthritis can limit your usual activities. It can also be very painful, especially if it affects your knees, ankles or legs.

In order to prevent it from developing, you should eat a healthy diet full of anti-inflammatory foods and stay physically active as well. Staying in shape and preventing weight gain is one of the keys against arthritis as it won’t put a strain on your joints.

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